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Here at Belinda Jewelz, we believe in responsible sourcing of metals and gemstones. We believe that sustainable jewelry should come from quality recycled metals to decrease waste of precious materials.

Our precious metals are sourced from certified responsible refiners that have been audited for standards set by the Responsible Minerals Initiative and the London Bullion Market Association. Currently, our gold fine jewelry is made of 98% recycled gold and our silver fine jewelry is made of 97% recycled silver. We continue to work with our suppliers to increase our use of recycled metal in our products.

Belinda Jewelz has a small in-house production facility in Northern New Jersey, a sister factory in Thailand, and partners with other factories in India and China. Our pieces reflect the highest levels of craftsmanship and attention to detail. We are confident that we can make any vision a reality.

Here’s a little more about what the factories specialize in:


In our New Jersey factory, we specialize in timeless 14k gold pieces. We began casting in-house during 2020 and have been producing a variety of different products since then.


We work very closely with our sister factory in Thailand, which is also a family-owned business. The Thailand factory specializes in production of silver plated vermeil jewelry.


Our partner factory in China has become our primary production center for plain silver fine jewelry and machine-cut pieces. Their capabilities are vast, and they are proactive in presenting us with new ideas and innovations for our products.


Our partner factory in India specializes in gemstone products and has been instrumental in our ability to create a larger variety of gemstone pieces. Their gemstone sourcing is unparalleled and we continue to elevate our products with the best precious stones.

We have been fortunate enough to find and partner with these four factories. All have their own specialties at the most competitive prices, and this is the reason we are able to provide top quality jewelry at an affordable price.